BlueCove OBEX Push J2ME application installer Web Start

To start application click this link Java Web Start.

You can Drag and Drop .jar files or http jar links to running application to install it on your OBEX Bluetooth enabled mobile device (phone).

Actualy it accept any file types and can be used to upload images or audio files using Bluetooth.

Some example applications you can try.

Drag and Drop .jar link Web Start
A Sudoku Game ┬╗Install
Mobile GMaps ┬╗Install

Using obex-install in command line

    java -jar bluecove-obex-install-mini.jar yourApp.jar

Download application jar

If you want to use obex-install as part of your maven build see obex-maven-plugin

Using obex-install in command line (no GUI)

    java -cp bluecove-obex-install-mini.jar net.sf.bluecove.obex.Deploy btgoep://ABC123456789:6 yourApp.jar

You can use this approach as an Ant task to speedup test-develop cycle while writing J2ME applications.

    <!-- Deploy to a device using OBEX Bluetooth -->
    <target name="deploy" depends="build">
        <java fork="yes" classname="net.sf.bluecove.obex.Deploy">
            <arg value="btgoep://ABC123456789:6;authenticate=false;encrypt=false" />
            <arg value="yourApp.jad" />
                <pathelement location="bluecove-obex-install.jar"/>
                <pathelement location="bluecove.jar"/>
                <!-- If you are on Linux add BlueZ Module -->
                <pathelement location="bluecove-gpl.jar"/>
                <pathelement path="${java.class.path}"/>

Download bluecove-obex-install.jar

Add a link from your page to start BlueCove OBEX Push with your application.

Your users can install your MIDlet application with a single click.

URL Example:

BlueCove OBEX Push Web Start URL:

HTML text on your page:

    <a href="">Install it now</a>

Try it yourself first