Uses of Interface

Packages that use Operation BlueCove JSR-82 OBEX implementation. 
javax.obex JSR 82: Java APIs for Bluetooth 

Uses of Operation in

Methods in that return Operation
 Operation OBEXClientSessionImpl.get(HeaderSet headers)
 Operation OBEXClientSessionImpl.put(HeaderSet headers)

Uses of Operation in javax.obex

Methods in javax.obex that return Operation
 Operation ClientSession.get(HeaderSet headers)
          Performs an OBEX GET operation.
 Operation ClientSession.put(HeaderSet headers)
          Performs an OBEX PUT operation.

Methods in javax.obex with parameters of type Operation
 int ServerRequestHandler.onGet(Operation op)
          Called when a GET request is received.
 int ServerRequestHandler.onPut(Operation op)
          Called when a PUT request is received.

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