JSR 82 Technology Compatibility Kit

The TCK for JSR 82 is available under the terms of the Motorola Extensible License! Anyone can now freely download, view, and execute the JSR 82 TCK.

JSR-82 project website https://opensource.motorola.com/sf/sfmain/do/viewProject/projects.jsr82

BlueCove TCK Tests on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

Latest test reports for Bluetooth_1-1-1_002_TCK can be found here. See Description of failures.

Latest test reports for OBEX_1-1-1_002_TCK can be found here.

TCK tests for previous releases of BlueCove

L2CAP connection can't be implemented on Microsoft stack. Because of this BlueCove JSR-82 implementation can't be certified on Microsoft stack. L2CAP tests has been excluded from run on this stack to save time

To run TCK we are using:

  • Gatling v1.0.05 test harness
  • MicroEmulator v2.0.3 as MIDP container.
  • BlueCove-BlueZ (D-Bus) on Ubuntu 8.10 32-bit (BlueZ 4.12, Generic Bluetooth USB driver ver 0.3) as Main TCK agent
  • Cellphone Sony Ericson K790a as TCK agent
  • Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 as OBEX TCK agent for tcpobex tests

Test environment

Description of failures

  • ServiceRecord.setDeviceServiceClassesTest: Function ServiceRecord.setDeviceServiceClasses not implemented because there are no such API in WIDCOMM native stack
  • L2CAPConnection.receiveTest.L2CAPConnectionTest0035 and L2CAPConnection.sendTest.L2CAPConnectionTest0025 are test for an empty L2CAP packet; Only works on Linux BlueZ, other native stacks do not support this.

Starting TCK client

Here is how you would run the JSR 82 TCK Gatling tests on BlueCove in the "autotest" mode with the help of MicroEmulator:

    java -cp microemulator.jar;bluecove.jar org.microemu.app.Main -Xautotest:http://localhost:8080/getNextApp.jad